Hi, I'm Aaron Clift

I’m a musician who also happens to be great at accounting.  After graduating with a double major in music and Spanish from Tufts University in 2003, I simultaneously began my music career in music composition and performance and my accounting career as manager for a residential property agency and later as controller for an IT consulting firm.


My many years of experience in both the creative and corporate world have presented me with every conceivable business challenge – whether it be single-handedly planning travel for a 4-person rock band plus string quartet across the United States for a music festival or managing the finances for a multi-million-dollar corporation as it grew from 20 to 20,000 employees.


As my music colleagues got word that I not only mastered accounting but could explain in a way that made sense to creative people, they began asking me if I could help them understand their finances.  I created The Accountable Artist in 2019 to respond to this demand.


My goal with The Accountable Artist is to build a world in which creatives aren’t daunted by accounting but rather are able to apply it to their business with the same mastery that they’ve reached in their creative field.


I live in Austin, Texas (“Live Music Capital of the World”) with my wife – food photographer, Mica McCook – and my goofy pit bull, Moxy.  I’m the vocalist and keyboardist of the progressive rock band, The Aaron Clift Experiment, and I’m a proud member of Austin Music Foundation.  Aside from passion for music and accounting, I’m an avid traveler and cook, and I love a good conversation in Spanish.

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