Say goodbye to the struggling artist life

I’ll show you how to get a handle on your business and take your career to the next level.  Together, we’ll make you an Accountable Artist – a confident, knowledgeable, and successful creative entrepreneur. 

Here’s how we can work together:

Setup + 1-on-1 Training

Whether you’re incorporating your business for the first time or have been in business for years and need help cleaning up your numbers, The Accountable Artist helps you lay the groundwork for a thriving career.

Our training courses help you master the art of accounting through personalized lessons tailored to your business and skill level.

Together we’ll:

  • Develop deeper insights into how your business is doing so you can plan for a positive financial future.  
  • Save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per year in accountant fees. 
  • Gain the peace of mind of knowing you have the skills for success.


  • Business incorporation (does not include filing fees)
  • Setup on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop (dos not include software costs)
  • Referral to CPAs to assist with filing your tax return


  • Accounting theory lessons
  • QuickBooks how-to course
  • Lessons tailored to your specific business problems
  • Help with setting up budgets
  • Workflows and repeatable processes so that you can do your own accounting

Phase 1: Setup

In this phase, I interview you to get to know you and everything about how your business works.  The information that you provide will allow me to incorporate your business and create a setup in QuickBooks that’s customized for your business.

Phase 2: Training

In this phase, I train you in accounting and QuickBooks and help create workflows for your business.  By the end of this phase, you’ll be ready to handle all of the finances for your business.

Phase 3: Guarantee Period

This phase is designed to help you transition to your new role as an accountable artist!  As we wrap up the training and you venture out on your own, I want to make sure that you’re off to a great start, so you can use this time to ask me questions and address any other accounting-related things on your mind.

  • Phase 1: Setup
    • 2 Weeks
  • Phase 2: Training
    • 6 weeks: 6 total 2-hour lessons. 1 lesson per week.
  • Phase 3: Guarantee Period
    • 2 weeks

Total = 10 weeks

$975, split into 3 payments of $325.

Payment 1 is due at the beginning of phase 1.
Payment 2 is due at the end of phase 2.
Payment 3 is due at the end of phase 3.

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